Hard hearts

Hard hearts

Hard hearts are tryin’ to find something.
Maybe it’s here or maybe not.
Maybe it’s the sunshine or unknown stuff.
Feelings are looking for a place to stay, but hard hearts are fighting with them.
Just, hard hearts must to give a chance. It’s not easy but they must do the rest.
Again the words are building a little poem, but I’m not gonna let it them.
With a piano, it could be a song
but my inspirated soul is in a zone that I can’t fly with any flow.
What’s your problem hard hearts?
Why are you sad?
When was the last time that I could hear you “all is ok”?
Where was your last real hug?
Who is the person that gonna make it better?
And I tell you, it isn’t Jude ‘cause -I guess- he already made it.


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